Liposuction in Düsseldorf – gently remove unwanted fat deposits

A perfect silhouette is extremely rare in nature. You may have a genetic disposition for unwanted fat deposits that do not fit your body. We recommend liposuction at our partner clinic in Düsseldorf, if dieting and sports do not lead to a reduction of the unwanted fat deposits. We use the gentle, modern method of water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL).

Body contouring with the gentle power of water

Unwanted fat deposits are removed in an especially gentle and comfortable way using water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL). We use this gentle, yet powerful method according to the proven principle of maximum safety for our patients at our partner clinic in Düsseldorf.

We first advise you comprehensively and personally regarding your wishes for liposuction at our practice in the Media Harbor in Düsseldorf. Discuss your expectations and ideals with us frankly. 

There are many and varied personal reasons for liposuction here in Düsseldorf. In any case, your personal well-being is given priority. An improvement of your appearance through liposuction should have a positive effect on your professional and private life. 

Thanks to water-jet assisted liposuction, we can offer you a unique, especially gentle method of modern body contouring here in Düsseldorf.

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