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Skin tightening with radiofrequency in Düsseldorf

Information about skin tightening with radiofrequency / FaceTite™ & AccuTite™

  • Treatment duration: 45 - 90 min
  • Anaesthesia: local anaesthesia, sedation optional
  • Stay in hospital: outpatient
  • Downtime: approx. 1 week
  • Price: from € 700, -

Nearly everyone wants to maintain a young, attractive face. Unfortunately, time does not pass by without leaving a trace. Droopy skin, wrinkles and sagging cheeks, jawline and neck all demonstrate the effects of aging on our appearance. In aesthetic and plastic surgery, there are many ways to limit the extent of the aging process and visibly turn back the clock. Well-known methods for this are the operative facelift, an injection of autologous fat or non-operative procedures such as Ultherapy®, the vampire lift (needling), as well as the use of botulinum or fillers like hyaluronic acid.

Radiofrequency therapy is a new and very effective method of achieving rejuvenation and soft tissue tightening in the face and neck without a scalpel. In this procedure, a controlled release of energy in the tissue is achieved by means of radiofrequency, whereby the collagen fibers in all the skin layers are remodeled and tightened. At our practice, we use FaceTite™ to tighten larger areas such as the cheeks and neck; AccuTite™ for smaller areas, such as the lower eyelids and chin; and Morpheus8™ to renew the uppermost skin layers using a radiofrequency needle. All methods use the same technology and differ only in the type of treatment attachments used and the depth of treatment. In radiofrequency therapy, it is also possible to tighten other regions of the body with BodyTite™.

1. What is FaceTite™/AccuTite™?

This is an innovative technology that has evolved from the success of radiofrequency therapy (controlled, selective heating of tissue by means of high frequency radio waves). The high temperatures cause the shortening and remodeling of collagen fibers, as well as the new formation of collagen in the skin. This tightens the treated areas and makes the surface of the skin smoother.

2. What is Morpheus8™ treatment?

Treatment using Morpheus8™ can be used either individually or in combination with FaceTite™/AccuTite™. In Morpheus8™ treatment, the radiofrequency pulse is emitted into the upper skin layers - up to a depth of 3.5 mm - by means of a needle. Two proven therapeutic approaches to skin rejuvenation are combined - radiofrequency therapy along with classic needling.

3. How does FaceTite™/AccuTite™ work?

When the expandable collagen connective tissue fibers of the subcutaneous fatty tissue are heated to about 60 to 70 degrees Celsius, they are reshaped and shortened.

In both methods, controlled energy is released into the tissue under local anaesthetic using a thin probe. The resulting stimulation simultaneously encourages the new formation of connective tissue cells.

This process contributes greatly to wrinkle reduction and skin tightening. This is because connective tissue cells are broken down by the normal aging process, but are not replaced by new cells to the same extent as they are in younger years.

4. What results can be achieved with FaceTite™/AccuTite™?

Treatment with FaceTite™ can tighten the face and neck area and smooth areas on the forehead, eye area and mouth. Even sagging upper and lower eyelids can be tightened.

In addition, the following unwanted symptoms of deeper skin and tissue layers can be improved:

  • Nasolabial lines
  • Marrionette lines
  • Glabella lines
  • Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Neck wrinkles
  • Décolleté lines
  • Droopy cheeks
  • Double chin

Clinical studies have shown that after just one FaceTite™ treatment, skin firmness has improved by an average of around 30 percent compared to the original condition.

A further positive effect of this method is that the metabolic process is stimulated by the warming of the tissue, which leads to better blood circulation and a more radiant complexion. This is particularly important if the skin elasticity is damaged by excessive sunlight, smoking, alcohol consumption or stress in addition to the aging process.

5. What are the benefits of radiofrequency-needling with Morpheus8™?

With this treatment, undesirable symptoms of the upper skin layers can be reduced, like:

  • Fine wrinkles (smoker’s wrinkles on the lips)
  • Skin aging (cornification disorders, known as light callosity)
  • Superficial skin flaccidity
  • Enlarged pores
  • Scars (acne, OP, burn, chickenpox scars)
  • Stretch marks (known as striae)

A treatment with radiofrequency-needling can be perfectly combined with FaceTite™ treatment. In doing this, one benefits from both methods and improves both the deep and superficial skin and connective tissue structures.

6. Who is the treatment suitable for?

The treatment with FaceTite™/AccuTite™ is a suitable and modern alternative to an operative facelift for all persons who wish to rejuvenate and tighten their face and neck region.

Treatment with Morpheus8™ provides a more radiant, improved complexion, smoother skin and reduces superficial signs of aging. Both methods can be combined for an outstanding result. Schedule a private and detailed consultation at our practice to find out which of these methods is most suitable for you.

Further FAQ

How does the treatment with FaceTite™/AccuTite™ work?

The treatment is performed using an instrument consisting of an inner and outer electrode. The inner electrode is inserted via a small puncture under the skin in the face or neck. The puncture points, which are about 2 mm in size, are so fine that they typically heal quickly and do not scar after the treatment.

The heat generated by radiofrequency is then conducted through this inner electrode into the fat and subcutaneous tissue. In order to prevent burns in the tissue, the heat supply is immediately stopped as soon as the target temperature at the needle tip is reached. The outer electrode is responsible for gliding over a sterile ultrasound gel film on the surface of the skin during the treatment in order to additionally monitor the temperature.

The treatment time is between 45 and 90 minutes.

As the treatment takes place under local anaesthetic (or sedation, if desired), it is virtually painless for the patient. A hospital stay is not necessary.

How does the treatment with radiofrequency-needling work?

After a thorough cleaning of the skin, we first apply a special cream for local anaesthesia. After this has taken effect, the skin is completely disinfected. With the treatment head, which is equipped with 25 gold-plated needles, the skin is treated at different depths.

The micro-fine needles penetrate the epidermis cold because the heat is only released in the deeper skin layers via the needle tips. This significantly reduces the pain during the treatment. In addition, the needle length can be varied from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm, and the intensity of the heat released can also be individually adapted to the patient's skin type. Therefore, we can effectively treat all existing skin layers. Finally, the post-treatment is followed by highly concentrated care products and sun protection.

For the best result, we recommend three consecutive treatments with an interval of at least four weeks between treatments.

What downtime should I expect after the treatment with FaceTite™/AccuTite™?

As this is a minimally invasive method, the downtime is quite minimal. Redness, swelling and hardening under the skin are visible for a week. Swelling and hardening of the skin may persist for several weeks, but will subside. However, these are typically unnoticeable and invisible to other people.

What about radiofrequency-needling?

With this treatment, moderate redness and slight swelling of the skin can be expected for a few days. After the treatment, make sure you use excellent skin care and sun protection for the following 6 months. We will be happy to advise you on this at our practice!

When can I expect a visible result and how long will it last?

Immediately after the treatment, a smooth and firming effect is visible, but will slightly recede after a few days. Within the next three to four weeks, new collagen will form and produce a tight appearance. A final result is visible after 6 months at the earliest, but usually only after 12 months and thereafter.

The final result usually lasts up to five years and can be repeated at any time without damaging the skin. To maintain your skin’s rejuvenation by means of radiofrequency-needling, we recommend a refreshing treatment once a year.

What are the risks of treatment with radiofrequency?

FaceTite™/AccuTite™ is one of the low-risk procedures, although risks can never be completely excluded. After the treatment you should expect redness, swelling and slight bruising, which normally disappears completely after two weeks at the latest. We also recommend cooling the affected areas after the procedure. It is not necessary to wear a bandage. After 12 hours you may apply light makeup again.

Treatment with Morpheus8™ may cause redness and swelling, small haematomas, and minor inflammation. Pigmentation disorders rarely occur. Again, light makeup can be worn after 12 hours.

How much does a treatment cost?

Basically, the costs always depend on the extent of the treatment in the end. We would be happy to discuss your individual wishes and requirements in an initial consultation and then draw up an exact cost plan for you. The costs for FaceTite™/AccuTite™ start from €1,000 and are significantly lower for treatment with FaceTite™.

Is treatment with radiofrequency-needling painful?

After a local anaesthetic with an anaesthetic cream or a local injection of an anaesthetic, the pain is slight.

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