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Labia Reduction & Labia Correction in Düsseldorf

Information about Labia Reduction

  • Duration of treatment: approx. 1 hour
  • Anesthesia: local anesthesia, twilight sedation if desired
  • Clinic stay: outpatient
  • Downtime: 4 weeks without intercourse
  • Abstain from sports: 6 weeks
  • Cost: starting from €2,000 (possibly plus anesthesia costs)

Labia hypertrophy, i.e., overly large inner labia, can cause pain due to wearing certain clothing such as tight pants, bikinis, thongs, or specific sportswear, and be burdensome for a woman during activities such as cycling, horseback riding, and even during intercourse, regardless of age. A deeply ingrained sense of shame often results in the affected women keeping their intimate issues to themselves for years. An operation in the intimate area is still considered taboo.

Because of the enlarged inner labia and the associated psychological issues, daily life can become a torment for the patients. Going to the sauna, participating in naturism, or undressing in front of a partner can become problematic. Functionally, the labia serve to close the genital opening and thus protect the vagina from infections, foreign bodies, and dehydration. During surgical corrections, it is crucial to maintain a balance between form and function. For this reason, labial correction should be performed by a specialist in this field. All doctors in our clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery have extensive experience in treating enlarged labia.

Please arrange a personal consultation appointment at our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Düsseldorf and get all the essential information about labial correction.

Expert tip from woman to woman by Dr. med. Naja-Norina Pluto:

We advise and treat you with the utmost discretion in a trusting environment.

If desired, the treatment team can consist exclusively of female professionals.

1. How is the labia reduction performed at the Plastic Surgery at Medienhafen in Düsseldorf?

Before the surgery, we will finalize the desired changes together with our patients. Our goal of labiaplasty is to eliminate your discomfort so that you can feel comfortable in your own body.

We perform labia reductions under local anesthesia, and if necessary, with twilight sedation. General anesthesia is typically not required. The procedure takes about 1 hour. After removing the previously marked tissue portion of the labia, we take our time to ensure meticulous hemostasis. The wound edges are sutured in several layers with self-dissolving stitches. For prolonged post-operative pain relief, your treating doctor will administer a local anesthetic. After a short resting period, you can leave the clinic, accompanied.

2. Will I be incapacitated after the labia reduction?

Although the labia correction will only impose minimal strain, you should stay at home and rest for a few days. This is beneficial for wound healing. Based on our experience, patients can resume home office tasks (while wearing comfortable clothing) within a few days.

3. Will my sensitivity in the genital region change due to the intimate correction?

Thanks to our many years of experience and the use of a particularly gentle surgical technique, we avoid injuring nerves responsible for sensation. The clitoris itself is virtually untouched during a labia reduction. Therefore, the sensation in the intimate zone remains unchanged after the procedure.

4. What costs should I expect for a labia reduction?

In general, surgical costs depend on which methods are ultimately required to treat the enlarged labia. We are happy to discuss your individual wishes and requirements during an initial consultation and then provide you with a detailed cost estimate. The cost of a labia reduction starts at approximately 2,000 euros.

5. What should I take into account after a labia correction?

After a labia reduction, expect swelling and minor bruising of the inner labia. The majority of the swelling will subside after about six weeks, with residual minor swelling disappearing over the next six months.

Pain of varying intensity can occur in the first 1-3 days after the procedure. This can be significantly alleviated with rest, cooling, and regular pain medication.

To prevent any issues with wound healing, we recommend avoiding any friction and mechanical stress on this region for the first six weeks (intercourse, cycling, horse riding, jogging, using tampons during menstruation, etc.). Everyday activities such as sitting, walking, and lying down are, of course, allowed.

6. What are the risks associated with labia reduction?

Generally, every surgery can have general complications such as bleeding, infection, thrombosis, nerve injury, or allergic reactions. Labia reduction is no exception. During our consultation, we provide detailed information about the potential specific risks associated with labia correction. In very rare cases, wound healing problems might occur. However, labia reduction takes place in an area with good blood supply, ensuring that with proper care, the wound usually heals quickly (within 2 weeks) and without complications.

The sensation remains unchanged. Postoperative pain is very minimal. You are typically fit for work after a week. The scar is later inconspicuous as it is placed on the inner edge of the minor labia and thus not externally visible.

Overcorrection means removing too much skin from the inner labia. This can lead to a condition which is difficult to correct and which has potential severe functional consequences. This specific risk is not present in a plastic surgery clinic with adequate expertise in intimate surgery.

If you have the procedure performed by an experienced specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, this surgery is considered to have a very low complication rate. Let us provide you with detailed advice in Düsseldorf and answer all your questions about labia reduction.

Further FAQ

Why choose us?

  • Well-coordinated team of specialists in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Long-standing specialization in Aesthetic Surgery
  • Thorough consultation sessions
  • Latest treatment techniques and gentle procedures
  • Professional and highly personal care by the medical staff
  • Discreet treatments optionally performed by an all-female team

Send your inquiry here for a consultation about labia reduction at our private clinic in Düsseldorf!

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