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Your phenol-peeling in Düsseldorf

Profound skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction without surgery

Information about phenol-peeling

  • Treatment duration: from 60 min.
  • Anesthesia: none
  • Stay in hospital: outpatient, one night inpatient on request
  • Downtime: approx. 10 days
  • Price: from € 2,000 -

Peelings have become essential in cosmetics because the varieties offer very specific treatment options. Medical peeling with phenol is the most intensive of all chemical peelings and is particularly suitable for the treatment of deep skin lines, severe pigment disorders, acne scars or sun-damaged skin.

A surface to medium-deep phenol-peeling offers you a significant improvement in disorders of cornification, aging spots and pigmentation spots on the skin. This contributes to a significantly fresher, finer and improved skin appearance. A deep phenol-peeling reaches the lowest skin structures and the result is an impressive lifting effect that makes you look several years younger. A frequently observed, positive side effect of a phenol-peeling is that excessively dry or oily skin can be permanently improved.

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1. What is a phenol-peeling?

In contrast to fruit acid peelings, which only reach the upper layer of skin, phenol-peeling is a deep peeling which aims to renew the elastic and collagen fibers in all the skin layers. We offer our patients different levels of depth in a phenol-peeling based on their personal preference.

The basic rule is: a deeper peeling produces a deeper and more thorough renewal and structural rejuvenation of the facial skin. This lasts for many years and creates a significant tightening of the skin, which is similar to a surgical lift. Your facial expression and distinctive facial features will be completely preserved.

2. Who are deep chemical phenol-peelings suitable for?

If the elastic fibers have lost function due to aging skin, and if they have led to medium-deep and deep wrinkles, this treatment method can achieve a significant smoothing effect.

Cornification disorders of the skin, scars (especially acne scars), as well as severe pigment disorders and even some precursors of skin cancer can be excellently treated by a phenol-peeling. If only a refreshing and fine skin texture needs to be improved, a superficial phenol-peeling can be of great help.

3. Who is this treatment not suitable for?

Phenol-peeling is not recommended for people with darker skin because this treatment can lead to permanent skin lightening. In addition, we do not recommend this deep peeling for people with inflammatory skin rashes, a restriction of heart, liver or kidney function or diabetes with insulin intake.

4. What downtime should I expect?

With a surface to medium-deep phenol-peeling, the downtime is a few days to a maximum of one week, due to significant redness and flaking of the skin.

In contrast to other peelings, the skin needs an even longer healing phase after a deep phenol-peeling. After a deep peeling treatment you should be able to socialize again two weeks after the surgery, at the earliest.

5. What do I have to consider before and after the treatment?

For a deep phenol-peeling there will be a preparation phase of several weeks, during which your skin will need to be conditioned. We will provide you with a care package and precise instructions (see below) on how to use our care products to achieve perfect results. The preparation phase can also be beneficial for superficial to medium-deep peelings. We will give you detailed advice on this in a preliminary consultation.

The peeling is performed on an outpatient basis without any problems. Anesthesia is unnecessary - even for deep peeling. When doing a deep phenol-peeling, a powder mask is  applied to protect the skin from infections and crust formations. The mask will be removed at our practice after 6 days. Further skin care is carried out at home according to our instructions. This process is not necessary for superficial to medium-deep peelings. It is sufficient enough to simply use the care products provided by us according to our instructions.

The skin that is renewed after a deep phenol-peeling is similar to that of a newborn baby: extremely sensitive to sunlight. You should avoid unprotected exposure to direct sunlight for a period of four months after the treatment. Careful sun protection and balanced skin care are an essential part of the phenol-peeling treatment. Undoubtedly, we will provide you with the necessary products.

Treatment sequence of a deep peeling with phenol

With our new Skin-Tech deep peeling, your treated skin will completely renew itself down to the layers of the dermis. Wrinkles, cornification and pigment disorders will be permanently removed and your skin will have a completely new radiance. In order for us to achieve the best results for you, we strongly recommend you pay attention to a few important points:

In general:

Never independently remove the powder or adhesive bandages we have applied. Carefully avoid contact with water on areas covered with powder. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time!

4 weeks before the phenol-peeling:
A treatment with botulinum toxin and an optimization of the facial volume with fillers creates the ideal foundation for a perfect peeling result. We will advise you on this in detail. Use Blending Bleaching and Melablock HSP SPF 50+ in the morning and Cordes VAS cream mixed with Blending Bleaching in the evening to prepare the skin perfectly for the upcoming deep regeneration. No excessive sunbathing or solarium during this period!
3 days before the phenol-peeling:
Start with the intake of Aciclovir 400 mg Tbl. 2 x daily.
On the day of the phenol-peeling:
Drink an extra bottle of water throughout the day. One hour before the peeling, take 1 pill Ibuhexal 600 mg. Please come to the appointment without makeup. Wear comfortable clothing (jogging suit) and ideally a sweater with a zipper so that you do not have to slip it over your head when taking it off.
The first 24 hours:
In the first 24 hours, take the painkiller prescribed by us every 4 - 6 hours, starting 2 hours after the treatment. Avoid contact with water. During the first night you may carefully cool the face or the treated areas with cooling pads. The pulsating hot and burning sensation in the treated areas will disappear within 24 hours. If you have any questions, please contact us. Continue taking the anti-herpetic protection (Aciclovir 400 mg Tbl. 2 x daily) as prescribed for three days after the peeling.
On the first day after the phenol-peeling:
We monitor the progress 24 hours after the peeling. Then, at home, use a pad to carefully apply the powder we have given you to the areas that are wet or only slightly covered with powder. Please do not use your bare fingers (danger of infection!). Use only the pads or a fresh cotton swab. Make sure to liberally apply the powder everywhere. There should not be areas where the powder has not been applied.
Day 2-6:
Apply Vaseline independently and carefully to the edges of the treated areas. Carefully re-apply powder to all areas that are moist and slightly covered with powder. There should be no contact with water on the treated areas! If necessary, we will check the progress of the treatment again on day 3.
Day 6 after the phenol-peeling:
We will see you in our office for the removal of the powder mask. Afterwards, apply a thin layer of Vaseline daily to the areas that are still covered with crusts until they fall off naturally. Never remove crusts by pulling them off yourself! This can cause injuries and scars!
Care during the first 2 - 4 weeks after removal of the powder mask:
Clean the skin with the special Skin-Tech Cleanser. Apply IPLase Mask 3 x daily, if necessary up to 4 weeks after peeling, depending on the redness of the skin. Carefully apply Melablock HSP SPF 50+ at least 2 - 3 times daily (morning, early afternoon, late afternoon). Avoid strong sunlight at all costs!
Care in the following weeks to three months after a phenol-peeling:
Clean the skin with the special Skin-Tech Cleanser. Apply Blending Bleaching 2 x daily. Carefully apply Melablock HSP SPF 50+ at least 2 - 3 times daily (morning, early afternoon, late afternoon). In addition, a restorative cream (Nutritive Cream ACE) should be used daily. Please contact us for this if necessary.

A word of advice to ensure a long-lasting perfect result:

Continue to avoid strong sunlight! Please remember that your skin has completely renewed itself and is as sensitive as baby skin! Perfect care should now be a plan of action! If there is still strong redness, please contact us!

We look forward to the complete renewal of your skin!

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