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Breast augmentation with autologous fat in the plastic surgery department at Medienhafen Düsseldorf

Information about breast augmentation with autologous fat

  • Treatment duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
  • Hospital stay: outpatient or 1 overnight stay
  • Downtime: approx. 1 week
  • Costs: from € 5.500 ,- (plus anaesthetic costs)

Many women are motivated by the desire to have fuller, well-shaped breasts. If your breasts feel too small or are sagging due to age or pregnancy, for example, we have an innovative method for breast augmentation: an autologous fat transplantation.

A breast enlargement procedure using a fat transfer (lipofilling) can fulfil your wish for beautiful breasts with more volume without silicone implants. The advantage of this method is the optimal compatibility of the body's own material and the durability of the result.


Use your own fat pads for breast augmentation: Too good to be true?

Quite the opposite: by means of a modern lipotransfer it is currently possible to perform a breast augmentation without implants if a moderate breast enlargement is desired and a silicone implant is not required.

However, a "hybrid" procedure can also be used by combining a silicone implant with a fat tissue transfer. In this case, a soft and natural breast volume can be achieved, which gives you the advantages of both procedures.

There is also the possibility of permanently removing existing breast implants and replacing them with your own fat combined with a breast lift, if desired. You will find out which of these methods is suitable for you in a detailed consultation at our practice in Düsseldorf.

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1. How does a classic breast enlargement with autologous fat work?

The operation consists of two parts. The removal of the fat cells from the abdomen, thighs or other places where fat pads disturb and then the transplantation of the fat into the breast. As fat cells are very sensitive, we perform the operation under a short anaesthetic. In this way, additional stress caused by local anaesthetics can be avoided.

Current studies have shown that about 60 - 70 percent of the transplanted fat cells heal and live on. The result is permanent and stable after about 6 weeks. Even if several donor sites are needed to obtain sufficient fatty tissue, a short anaesthetic is advisable.

Depending on the extent and number of the donor sites, the procedure can be performed as an outpatient or inpatient procedure. In one operation it is possible to achieve a moderate breast enlargement from half to one cup size more using this method. If desired, the procedure can be repeated after half a year at the earliest.

2. Can existing breast implants be removed and replaced with autologous fat?

When performing a gradual reconstruction of the breasts by means of an autologous fat transfer, the prospect of regaining a soft, natural and well-formed breast afterwards is possible, depending on the tissue condition. This can usually be done in one step together with the removal of the implants.

We will advise you in detail during a consultation about the possibilities of such a measure. We will determine the volume, anatomical position and capsule composition of the silicone implants you have, as well as the presence of fatty tissue that could be suitable for transplantation. It may also be advantageous to consider an additional breast lift.

We will give you comprehensive advice on the ideal method for you. Please make an appointment with one of our experts in Düsseldorf!

3. How are the fat cells for breast augmentation obtained with autologous fat?

The fat cells required for breast augmentation with autologous fat are removed and processed by liposuction on the abdomen or thighs, for example. The body fat obtained and purified by a special technique is then injected into the breast in minute quantities using special lipotransfer cannulas.

For safety reasons, the mammary gland is not filled during the autologous fat transplantation. Only the subcutaneous fat tissue surrounding the gland will be filled and, if necessary, also the large pectoral muscle. As a filling material, autologous fat is ideally suited for breast augmentation because it heals as autologous tissue and does not lead to any foreign body reaction.

4. What happens after the operation?

After the operation, a compression girdle is applied to the removal sites. This should be worn for six weeks after the operation. For the first few days you will wear a special warming cotton bandage on the breast which you can then exchange for a soft cotton bra without underwire for the following weeks.

It is particularly important not to exert any pressure on the breasts in the first three weeks after the operation. Please sleep on your back and avoid added pressure from overly tight underwear or sports. After 6 weeks, you may resume all physical activities and sports without hesitation.

5. How long does the result of a breast enlargement with autologous fat last?

Since the fat transplanted by lipofilling is the body's own tissue, statistically there is a good chance that more than half (approx. 60 - 70 percent) of the sensitive fat cells will heal permanently. Through the special technique of fat extraction, preparation and transfer, we exercise the utmost caution to preserve the sensitive cells and ensure a high survival rate. The achieved result is stable after 6 weeks. Then you can enjoy your full, feminine cleavage!

6. Is the enrichment of fat cells with stem cells useful?

The fatty tissue obtained during lipofilling is rich in natural stem cells, which are transplanted with the fat cells, provided a gentle and safe removal technique is used. The transplanted pre-adipocytes continue to develop in the recipient’s tissue.

New studies show that enriching the obtained fat cells with stem cells in the breast offers no advantage in terms of transplant volume. For this reason, we do not enrich the fat cells with stem cells.

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Further FAQ

What are the risks and complications of breast augmentation with autologous fat?

In the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, this procedure is a low-risk and positive method for a moderate breast enlargement with very natural results. Nevertheless, undesirable side effects and complications can occur here as with any other surgical procedure.

A special risk of breast augmentation with autologous fat is the occurrence of oil cysts and calcification of the tissue in the case of improper fat cell transplantation, which occurs much less frequently if the correct technique is used. We will inform you about this in detail in the consultation.

Is breast augmentation with autologous fat suitable for every patient?

The desire for significantly more volume than half to one cup size in a single operation cannot be achieved with autologous fat. It is not possible to insert as much fat as desired without endangering the healing of the sensitive fat cells.

Another limitation is the sufficient presence of fat pads for removal. It is of course possible to repeat this procedure several times if the conditions are good. For this reason, we have options other than breast augmentation with autologous fat. If the desire is to gain significantly more volume in one operation, we also offer a “hybrid procedure” whereby the combination of lipofilling with modern silicone implants enlarges the breasts.

In order to ensure that the expectations of the breast enlargement with autologous fat and our surgical options match right from the start, we must first have a personal consultation with each patient to inform them about the possibilities, risks, costs and the exact course of the planned breast surgery. With our extensive specialist knowledge, we will advise you in detail about your options for breast augmentation.

Of course, we will specifically address your individual needs if you wish for a fuller, more feminine breast. With our extensive experience, we achieve a natural looking result, of which you will be completely satisfied - with silicone implants if desired. Trust our medical expertise and aptitude if you are interested in breast augmentation with autologous fat or with silicone implants.

You will also find us to be a competent partner if you have questions about breast lifting!

Simply make an appointment and visit our team of specialists in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen.

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