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miraDry® Düsseldorf - permanent and safe

Prevent sweating without surgery

Information about the miraDry® treatment

  • Treatment duration: 50 min.
  • Anesthesia: local anesthesia
  • Stay in hospital: outpatient
  • Downtime: none
  • Price: € 1,900 -

With the miraDry® system, the sweat and odour glands in the armpits are destroyed by a controlled release of energy with microwave technology.

Once these glands have been removed, they do not grow back - they are gone forever!

The treatment has been approved by the American FDA and has proven its effectiveness and safety in scientific studies. According to clinical studies, a single treatment reduces sweating by 82-90%. Patient satisfaction is exceptionally high at 90% after one treatment.

Positive side effects of a miraDry® treatment:

Possible side effects such as temporary redness, bruises, sensitivity to pressure, swelling, stiffness or a slight numbness under the arms subside by themselves after a short time.

You can resume work immediately after the doctor's visit and return to sports after a few days.

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1. Is a miraDry® treatment suitable for me?

miraDry® is suitable for you if you:

  • no longer want to be annoyed by underarm perspiration
  • are bothered by sweat stains in blouses or shirts
  • want to lead a natural, toxin-free lifestyle (no more aluminium chloride deodorant)
  • no longer want to feel sweaty at the end of the day
  • want to be free from underarm wetness

2. How does the miraDry® treatment work?

First, the treatment area is marked with a special template. Next, the local anaesthetic is infiltrated with fine cannulas, ensuring you are completely painless during the treatment.

Then, the actual treatment is performed with the miraDry® device. This device sucks the skin with a vacuum, cools the superficial layers, and heats only the area where the sweat glands are located. In doing this, the sweat glands are permanently and safely destroyed without damaging other structures.

The effect of the treatment is immediate.

Welcome to a new life without annoying underarm perspiration!

3. Does the miraDry® treatment also reduce hair growth under the armpits?

The miraDry® sweat gland treatment uses a microwave technique. This procedure also destroys the hair follicles under the armpits. The hair growth under the armpits is also reduced as a nice side effect from the microwave technology.

Further FAQ

Are there any side effects with the miraDry® treatment and can longer downtimes occur due to the procedure?

The miraDry® treatment is a gentle procedure without strong side effects. Typical surgical methods, such as cutting through the nerve supply or suction of the sweat glands, have been replaced by the gentle microwave procedure of the miraDry® treatment. The side effects of the miraDry® treatment are relatively low: slight swelling can occur in the area around the armpits; a slight redness on the skin may also be present. However, these side effects disappear after about two weeks.

Small bruises may occur due to the injection of the anaesthetic. Boils and bumps can form after the treatment but heal after about two months. A sensitivity to touch in the armpits can also occur for a period of about two months. Slight pain, numbness and tingling are typical yet quickly fading side effects of the miraDry® treatment.

Isn't it harmful to my natural bodily functions if sweat glands are removed?

The body's sweat glands have an important function in regulating the body's heat balance by producing fluid that evaporates on the skin. The sweat glands located in the armpit area account for only 2% of all sweat glands in the body.

There’s no need to worry: Even after a miraDry® treatment, your body still has sufficient sweat glands without any threat to your health.

How long does the result of a miraDry® treatment last?

The sweat glands completely destroyed by microwave ablation do not continue to regenerate (according to studies, between 82 and 90% of the sweat glands treated). The result is permanent.

Nevertheless, even after a treatment there may still be residual perspiration from the remaining sweat glands, which may make a follow-up treatment necessary. This can easily be performed. We will be happy to advise you on this! Make an appointment for a consultation at our practice in the Medienhafen. We will be happy to help you if you want to eliminate unpleasant sweating.

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