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Plastic surgery in the Media Harbor: triple competence for plastic surgery in Duesseldorf

Our plastic surgery clinic in the Media Harbor in Duesseldorf is directly affiliated with an internationally renowned partner clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Duesseldorf, where we have formed a perfectly coordinated team of specialists for several years – for maximum safety and optimal 24-hour care during your treatment.

Focus of our treatment 

We do minimally invasive measures for treating wrinkles with botulinukinjections and hyaluronic acid right in our plastic surgery practice in the Media Harbor in Düsseldorf. Cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentationbreast lifting, breast reduction, upper eyelid lifting or lower eyelid lifting is performed in our partner clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Düsseldorf Kaiserswerth. We use new, gentle plastic surgery techniques and the most modern treatment methods to perform procedures that are very effective and nearly invisible. For every treatment – whether faceliftabdominoplasty (tummy tuck), or liposuction – in Duesseldorf two experienced specialists for cosmetic and plastic surgery are always available.


Beautiful cleavage makes a woman feel feminine

The trend is toward the naturally feminine breast

Beautiful cleavage makes a woman feel feminine. Breast lifting or modern breast implants restore your round, natural breast shape and femininity.


We help you to get in shape

Liposuction is the 2nd most popular esthetic change

Finally get rid of those unwanted fat deposits. The gentle method of water-jet assisted liposuction gives your body a smooth, beautiful silhouette.


 Facial treatments at our clinic in Düsseldorf

Wide eyes attract admiring glances

Alert, wide eyes make you look friendly and interested. However, some patients look tired and listless even though they do not feel that way. An upper eyelid lift widens the eyes optically and restores your friendly look.

Wrinkle treatment

Plastische Chirurgie Medienhafen offers you treatments against wrinkles

27% fear looking worse than now as they age

Beauty is individual. Beauty that fits your age should be the goal of any esthetic change. Botulinumtherapy and modern dermal fillers make it possible.

3D SimulationCrisalix - 3D Simulation

Our virtual 3D-planning of your cosmetic surgery in Düsseldorf

Wondering how you will look after surgery? Digital imaging technology allows you to preview changes before committing to surgery. Discover your new you during a consultation with Crisalix.

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Medizinische Kompetenz hoch 3

Unser Anspruch: Höchste Qualität und größtmögliche Sicherheit bei jedem Eingriff. In unserer Praxis behandeln Sie gleich 3 erfahrene Fachärzte für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie mit jeweils über 20 Jahren Berufserfahrung.

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