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Rhinoplasty in Düsseldorf

Harmonious proportions and appeal

Information about nose correction

  • Treatment duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
  • Hospital stay: 1 overnight stay
  • Downtime: approx. 14 days
  • Restriction from sports: 6 weeks
  • Costs: from € 3,900 - (plus anaesthetic costs)

The shape and size of the nose is of central importance for the appearance and balance of the human face. A deformed nose or one that appears disproportionate in relation to the rest of the face can be perceived as disturbing. In addition, the nose is a human sensory organ and important for our health. If breathing is impaired, this can have a strong impact on our well-being. Nose corrections, such as the removal of humps, lifting, and refinement of the tip of the nose or narrowing of the bridge are among the most common plastic operations. These procedures are an integral part of our range of treatments in the Plastic Surgery Department at Düsseldorf's Medienhafen.

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1. What does rhinoplasty mean?

Rhinoplasty is the Latin term for the correction of the nose. In a nose correction (rhinoplasty), the shape and size are changed and brought into harmonious proportion with the other facial features. In most cases, a high nose bridge is reduced, the tip of the nose raised or narrowed, the nostrils refined, the skeleton narrowed or the septum straightened. Even after injuries, such as fractures, a nose correction may be necessary to restore the original form and function.

2. How does a nose operation work?

A nose operation is usually performed under general anaesthesia. We prefer the open approach, as this offers the best view of the very fine cartilage structures.

During the operation, we detach the skin and mucous membranes. The cartilage and bone skeleton are temporarily exposed, adjusted in size and shape, then put into the desired position. If necessary, the incisions are fixed with sutures.

After the operation, a shaping tape bandage and a splint are fitted. Tamponades are also inserted in both nostrils to support wound healing and to stabilize the nose. These can be removed after 3 days. The splint is readjusted after five days and can be removed after two weeks.

3. How long is the hospital stay after a nose operation?

For a nose operation under general anaesthesia, a short inpatient stay of one to two days should be planned in order to counteract possible postoperative side effects quickly and sensibly. In particular, physical protection, continuous cooling and changing bandages are much easier to carry out on an inpatient basis.

Further FAQ

How quickly can I return to work after the operation?

Depending on the extent of your physical exertion, you must consider at least a week's absence after the nose operation. If you have to deal with dust or irritating vapours at your workplace, you may need to take a longer period of rest.

Can I go to the solarium/sunbathe after a nose operation and when can I do sports?

As a rule, it takes 6-8 weeks for the nose to heal after a nose correction, especially if the bone framework has been corrected. During the healing phase, activities that stimulate circulation should be avoided. These include sporting activities or sauna visits. Sunbathing can lead to a stronger pigmentation of the skin especially in the scar area and higher temperatures can cause additional swelling which will have a negative effect on the healing process.

How much does a nose operation cost?

The cost of a nose correction depends on the asymmetry, the formation of the nasal tuberosities or possible curvature of the nasal septum, among other things. The complexity of the operation, the length of the anaesthesia, and the length of the inpatient stay also affect the cost.

Thus, the costs of a nose operation cannot be answered with a specific amount. Just as every person has an individual physique and facial features, every nose is different. In the same respect, the personal wishes of the patient vary from person to person. In addition, the following factors must also be taken into account before every procedure:

  • There have been previous operations that need to be corrected.
  • It is an aesthetic correction, a functional disorder, or even a combination of both.
  • The scale of the intervention and respective follow-up treatments.

After an initial examination and a discussion with the attending physician, it is certainly possible to estimate the costs of the nose operation more precisely. As with all other procedures, it is not possible to quote specific prices for nose surgery without first examining the patient in detail. However, in general, nose corrections typically start from € 3,900.

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