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Breast augmentation with silicone implants

A breast enlargement for a feminine and naturally full décolleté

Information about breast augmentation

Treatment duration: approx. 1  hour
Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia
Hospital stay: 1 overnight stay
Downtime: approx. 7 days
Avoidance of sport: 6 weeks
Price: from € 6.000,-  (plus anaesthetic costs)

Would you like to have fuller, more feminine breasts? If the answer is yes, then breast augmentation can help you achieve your desired body shape. Enlargement of the female breasts (breast augmentation) with modern silicone implants is one of the most common procedures for plastic surgeons.

With a dedicated appreciation of aesthetics, we strive for a harmonious and natural overall appearance of your body. We will help you choose the right size and shape of implants from a variety of possibilities. Our common goal should always be well-shaped breasts that fit the proportions of your body and respect your anatomy. It’s important to remember, not all implants are suitable for all breasts.

Feel feminine again with breast augmentation

Pregnancies, weight fluctuations, or age-related changes can also lead to a loss of volume and sagging breasts. The latest generation of silicone implants, which we use for breast reconstruction, gives your breasts a naturally new feminine shape again.

If required, an additional breast lift can be used to achieve an even more attractive appearance. At our practice in Düsseldorf we can advise you, in detail, about all the possibilities.

Balancing out differences in size - breast surgery with implants

Faces and bodies are perceived as beautiful when they are symmetrical - i.e., as similar as possible on both sides. Due to growth, however, breasts can vary in size and thus be asymmetrical. Breast augmentation with breast implants makes it possible to adjust asymmetrically shaped breasts and compensate for these naturally caused differences.

If you wish to have a larger breast circumference, we strongly recommend a comprehensive preliminary examination and a detailed personal consultation at our practice in Düsseldorf. In this meeting, we will find the right breast implant for you. Breast augmentation takes place in our renowned partner clinic where you can enjoy the comfort and medical safety of a private clinic at the highest level.

Our virtual 3D planning of your cosmetic surgeryOur virtual 3D planning of your cosmetic surgery

Would you like to get a realistic idea of your results even before your treatment? Thanks to Crisalix this is now possible. With the help of this modern 3D simulation system, we are expanding our personal consultation and revolutionising the planning of your aesthetic-plastic treatment.

→ Learn more about it here!

We are the only German centre to carry out the FDA approved study for Motiva® breast implants. You can rely on our expert knowledge when choosing your doctor!

Place your trust in us - you are in good hands!

Do you have questions about breast augmentations or would you like to make an appointment online? Please contact us. Call us at +49 211 87630240 or make an appointment online.

Online appointment

1. What should I consider before the procedure?

You should start the operation in good health and feel physically fit. You should not smoke for at least 10 days before the operation nor should you take any blood-thinning medication, such as Aspirin®.

2. How does the operation proceed and how long does the breast surgery take?

During your first visit to our practice in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen, we will have an individual consultation regarding your wishes and ideas about the breast augmentation. We will discuss which options would be appropriate for you and perform a 3D simulation of your surgery results to illustrate the outcome. 

In addition, we can simulate the desired results with bra inserts. This way, you can already feel and experience 'at first hand' how this procedure will change your shape. In addition to the procedure, our specialists will inform you about the costs, surgical risks and aftercare.

The operation time for breast augmentation is approximately 1 hour. Usually a short inpatient stay of one day in our partner clinic is planned.  Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. The implant is inserted in the fold under the breast through an incision of only 2.5 to 4 cm in length, which will later heal unnoticed in the form of lines.

The incision is sutured with a self-dissolving thread so that it does not have to be pulled out later. It is protected with a sterile shower plaster, which does not have to be changed. You will already be wearing your sports bra and a supporting chest strap from this point on.

Showering and normal physical activity is permitted after the operation. Upon discharge from the clinic you will receive a final report and the necessary medication, as well as the date for the next examination.

3. Which implants do our plastic surgeons in Düsseldorf use?

We use implants with an elastic (cohesive) silicone gel from Motiva®.

The Motiva Ergonomix® implants are extremely safe because the material cannot leak. These implants have a particularly natural, soft feel and adapt to the body according to the action of gravity and body position, that is why we call this special form behaviour ergonomic. The implants, which are originally round in shape, form an anatomical teardrop shape in the body. The result provides mobility and flexibility. Your breasts feel soft, supple and natural!

In our consultation, we will show you the different sizes and shapes of the implants. Together, we will determine the perfect implant based on your anatomical requirements.

Learn more about our FDA study on the safety and efficacy of Motiva® implants.

What options do we offer for the placement of breast implants?

We typically use three methods to create beautiful breasts:

Implant position under the large breast muscle with special "inner muscle support”

The implant is placed behind the large pectoral muscle (Musculus pectoralis major). This covers the implant in the upper part. The lower part of the implant is covered by the breast gland. A lateral muscle part used in our special technique keeps the implant in an ideal position, reliably preventing the implant from “sagging.” Since the implant is mainly placed behind the pectoral muscle, the implants are neither visible nor palpable in the décolleté. This method is particularly advisable for slim patients with little of their own tissue to cover the implant or form medium to full implant volume.

Subfascially placed implants: For athletic patients with their own sufficient tissue

With this method, the implant is placed on the large pectoral muscle under its fascia (the muscle skin). Thus, the breast implant lies under the gland and is additionally covered by the very stable muscle fascia. The pectoral muscle does not have to be lifted. This method is  ideally suited for sporty patients who want to quickly return to their active lifestyle.

Prerequisites for this method are small to medium implant volume and sufficient tissue coverage over the pectoral muscle. As a rule, there should be at least 2 cm of tissue thickness over the musculature.

Breast implant plus lipofilling of the breast: The "hybrid" procedure has a number of advantages

During the "hybrid" procedure, in addition to breast augmentation with a modern silicone implant, we also use the body's own fat cells, which are obtained by liposuction. Your breasts will have a very natural appearance and a soft, unobtrusive feel, as the implant is additionally covered by the body's own subcutaneous fat tissue. The procedure is ideal for the athletic patient who wants a very natural, moderate breast enlargement. Typically, after one week you can resume your work. After 4 weeks, you may carefully start again with sports and fitness training. Learn more about "Hybrid Breast Augmentation" here!

Further FAQ

What are the risks of breast augmentation?

Our surgeons will inform you in detail about the possible risks of an operation in a personal consultation at our plastic surgery practice in Düsseldorf.  Risks are continuously minimized by the constant improvements of surgical techniques and implant material. We always offer you the greatest possible safety according to the latest international scientific findings.

Possible pre-existing conditions, your lifestyle, or wound healing can influence the preparations or the course of the operation and post-operative treatment. We will advise you on this in detail at our practice.

Is the function of the breast influenced by an implant?

If you wish to have a child or breastfeed, you need not worry. The ability to breastfeed is not usually affected by breast augmentation with implants.

Mammograms for cancer prevention are also possible and should be carried out regularly, depending on the recommendation of your gynaecologist.

What is the follow-up treatment like?

After the operation, you will only wear a sports bra and a supporting belt day and night for two weeks; the bra for six weeks. This enables your new breast implants to remain in the correct position.

We recommend that you initially sleep on your back or side. You may shower after the operation. The incision for the implants, which is only 2.5-4 cm long, is closed with a self-dissolving suture material so that no sutures need to be removed. The wound is treated with a special foil dressing that does not need to be changed for two weeks. You are spared the need to change plasters.

In the first few days after the operation, a feeling of tension and sore muscles is normal. Light pain-relieving medication can help you to relax.

The scars are initially reddened, but fade over time and are usually unnoticeable.

Enjoy your new attitude to life!

After the immediate post-treatment, our doctors recommend the patients to do a follow-up at our practice three months later and then annually. Should questions or problems of any kind arise, we are undoubtedly always available for you!

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