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Your abdominoplasty in Düsseldorf

Tight and defined with modern methods

Information about abdominoplasty

  • Treatment duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
  • Hospital stay: 1 overnight stay
  • Downtime: approx. 7 days
  • Restriction from sports: 6 weeks
  • Price: from € 5,600 - (plus anaesthetic costs)

A taut, defined belly is a sign of youth, athleticism and attractiveness. Weight loss, past pregnancies or a genetic predisposition can be some of the reasons for an excess of skin and fatty tissue, which cannot be influenced by diet. With our innovative procedure we offer a perfect method that gives you a well-formed, athletic contour of your abdomen.

We will advise you on the subject of abdominal reduction individually and tailored to your needs. Your procedure will take place at our partner clinic in Düsseldorf, where you can expect the safety and comfort of a modern hospital. We recommend that our patients stay in the clinic for one to two days, maximum, to ensure an undisturbed healing process after their abdominal reduction.

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Athletic contours in combination with liposuction

To give your body a well-defined and athletic frame, we combine abdominoplasty with liposuction. This not only reduces unwanted fat deposits on the hips, upper and lower abdomen, but also brings out the natural contours of your abdominal muscles by sculpting the removal of fatty tissue (lipo-abdominoplasty).

In addition, we remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the lower abdomen to achieve significant tightening of the skin up to the costal arch. The navel is also given more accentuation and a beautiful shape. At the same time, the straight abdominal muscles that have moved apart are brought into their original, taut position if necessary. The resulting scar is hidden in the bikini line.

Less pain & more mobility without drainages

To help eliminate wound drainage, we perform a special surgical procedure which combines modelling liposuction along with a tightening of the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue. We then close the wound cavity with self-dissolving sutures. This means less pain and more freedom of movement after your abdominoplasty.

Normally, you can leave the clinic after 24 hours and shower again on the day of discharge. We would be happy to discuss the possibility of dispensing with drainage tubes. Of course, we will advise you in detail of the most suitable procedure for you!

Skin tightening without surgery

If you want a firmer body frame and gentle fat reduction without cuts and scars with minimal downtime, the BodyTite™ system is a great treatment for you.


1. Who is a tummy tuck for?

If the sagging or hanging abdominal wall can no longer be influenced by exercise, diet or by other procedures, such as BodyTite™, then an abdominoplasty with our state-of-the-art method is the procedure of choice. In this procedure, simultaneously diverging abdominal muscles, also known as rectus diastasis,“  can be effectively corrected. We will also give the navel an attractive new shape.

2. How can I prepare myself for an abdominoplasty?

Your ideal weight should have been reached before the operation. This will improve the results of the operation in the long run. If pregnancy is planned in the near future, it is advisable to postpone the operation to a later point. During pregnancy, the tightened straight abdominal muscles (rectus muscles) can move apart and tightened skin can be overstretched again.

You should be in good health before the planned procedure. In order to reduce the risk of complications, smoking should be kept to a minimum until the wound has healed; it is better to avoid smoking altogether. You should also inform our doctors about any secondary diseases you may have and medication you are taking. It is advisable to plan about two weeks off after the operation.

3. What are the risks of an abdominoplasty?

If the abdominoplasty is performed by experienced plastic surgeons, complications are rare or insignificant.

The risk of thrombosis is inevitable in every procedure. We therefore recommend that thrombosis prophylaxis be carried out for 5 days after your abdominoplasty. Infections of the wound area are very rare. As with any operation, bruising and swelling can occur after an abdominoplasty, which typically heals by itself. Post-operative bleeding is a rare complication and must be surgically corrected. Risk factors can be minimized by having a detailed discussion with us. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions during our private conversation.

4. What can I expect after the operation?

In the first few days after the operation you will feel slight to moderate pain in the wound area. Pain-relieving medication will help you get through this phase without any problems. You will wear a compression garment for about 6 weeks and should avoid heavy physical work during this period. Depending on the physical strain, you can resume your normal everyday activities after a few days. Sports are possible after about six weeks following consultation with us.

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