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Eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the eyelids

Eyelid lift in Düsseldorf

A fresh outlook thanks to upper & lower eyelid lift

Information about eyelid lifting

  • Treatment duration: approx. 1.5 hours
  • Anesthesia: local anesthesia or sedation, if necessary
  • Stay in hospital: outpatient
  • Downtime: approx. 1 week
  • Restriction from sports: 2 weeks
  • Price: Upper eyelid from € 1,900 - | Lower eyelid from € 2,400 -

The eyes provide a special contribution to our facial expressions. Unfortunately, drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes can immediately have a negative influence on an otherwise positive appearance. Thankfully, an upper or lower eyelid lift can help you regain an alert and lively facial expression.

In an upper eyelid lift, excess skin, some musculature and, if necessary, a little fatty tissue is removed from the upper eyelids. The post-surgery scar runs along the eyelid crease and is hardly noticeable after a few weeks. If the lower eyelids are swollen, excess skin can be removed through an incision at the edge of the lower eyelid. The muscles will be tightened and the swelling fatty tissue will be skillfully relocated. The result is a scar that is nearly invisible.

Upper eyelid lift - small operation with remarkable effect

The skin on the eyelids is particularly delicate and sensitive. Small wrinkles often appear early. Drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes also lead to an exhausted facial expression. An eyelid lift can lift the upper lid and open the eye optically. A previously restricted field of vision will be free again.

Your eyelid lift is performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia, or sedation if desired, and does not require a hospital stay. The excess skin, which usually extends outwards beyond the eyelid angle, is removed. In addition, the excess sagging muscles and, if necessary, fatty tissue are removed from the upper eyelid. The wound is sutured with a fine thread which can be removed after one week. The scars from an eyelid lift disappear completely in the natural crease of the eyelid.

In just one to two weeks after your eyelid lift, you will be able to socialize with confidence. The memory of drooping eyelids and a tired facial expression will fade into the past!

Lower eyelid lift - for round, radiant eyes

In principle, a local anaesthetic with a light sedation is sufficient for a relaxed operation. However, surgery on the lower eyelids can also be performed under general anaesthesia on an outpatient basis.

In the lower eyelid lift, excess skin is removed through a very fine incision below the eyelashes. Fatty tissue and muscles are used to restore the tension of the lower eyelid region. The musculature is re-fixed in depth and the fatty tissue of the lacrimal sac is redistributed and reduced if needed. In this way, the retraction below the lacrimal sac, known as the "tear duct", can be replenished with the fatty tissue. After the lower eyelid lift, the eyelids appear youthful, firm and create a more amiable appearance.

Here too, the wound is closed with fine intracutaneous sutures. A tape bandage is applied to prevent severe swelling. If required, the bandage can be changed after three days. The sutures can be removed after one week.

Swelling and smaller bruises are normal after lower eyelid liftings and, based on observations, remain slightly longer compared to the swelling after upper eyelid liftings. Both procedures can be performed individually or in combination.

We would be happy to advise you on the specifics of upper eyelid lifting and lower eyelid lifting during a detailed and private consultation at our practice in Düsseldorf.

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1. What are the risks and complications?

Complications are very rare in both eyelid procedures. Sometimes swelling in the lower eyelid area can persist for several weeks. Irritation of the conjunctiva rarely occurs. These phenomena are temporary and typically disappear by themselves.

On the lower eyelids there is the risk of ectropion whereby the eyelid turns outward. A special surgical technique is used to prevent this with several measures.

We will be pleased to inform you during a personal consultation about which method is suitable for you.

2. Can I combine the surgery with other treatments?

A combined treatment, e.g., with a facelift or minimally invasive wrinkle treatment, can easily be performed. We will be your competent partners in this procedure as well.

3. What does an upper or lower eyelid lift cost?

The prices for an upper or lower eyelid lift vary and start from €1,900 - for the upper eyelids and from € 2,400 - for an operation on the lower eyelids. However, please understand that the exact price of an operation can only be determined after a detailed consultation and planning by our specialists.

1. How long does the healing take after an upper or lower eyelid lift?

The healing process takes about two weeks, but it may take a little longer with the lower eyelid lift. Allow yourself the necessary rest and avoid physical exertion, especially in the first few days after the operation. Position your head so that it is elevated and cool your eyes with special gel cooling glasses.

In the first week after the operation, the fine wounds on the lower lids must be covered with supporting tape bandages for protection. On the upper eyelids, only the thread loops at the end of the suture are fixed by a small bandage. After one week, the sutures can be removed in both operations.

2. How long can scar redness last?

Scar redness can last for several weeks. Within the first two weeks after the operation, bruises (haematoma) and swelling may be visible. However, these can be covered with makeup after only one week.

3. How long should I abstain from sports activities after an eyelid lift?

No sports should be done during the first two weeks after an upper or lower eyelid lift. Give yourself the proper rest and avoid physical exertion, especially in the first days after the operation. Keep your head elevated and cool your eyes with special gel cooling glasses.

4. How long does an upper eyelid lift in combination with a lower eyelid lift take?

The duration of surgery for an upper eyelid lift, including lower eyelid lift, is 1.5 - 2 hours.

5. Can I wear my glasses or contact lenses after the operation?

You can begin to wear glasses after the operation. After a lower eyelid lift, you may not wear contact lenses for the first two weeks.

6. Is an eyelid lift also possible if there is a tendency to have eczema on the upper eyelid?

An upper eyelid lift is possible if eczema is present on the upper eyelid. The discomfort can be improved or even completely eliminated.

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