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Follow-up cost insurance

Why is follow-up cost insurance advisable?

Unfortunately, complications cannot be completely avoided during surgical operations despite the greatest care. For example, aesthetic treatments such as breast and abdominal wall lifts and facial surgery can lead to haematomas (secondary bleeding), thromboses, embolisms, infections or disturbances in wound healing.

Cosmetic operations are not included in the service catalogue of the statutory health insurance companies. Consequently, the costs for post-operative treatment due to complications are not covered (§ 52 para. 2 SGB V - Health Care Reform Act). In the event of such follow-up treatment, the costs are to be paid by the patient - provided no additional insurance coverage has been taken out. Such insurance coverage is offered by the "medassure beauty" follow-up cost insurance.

During your consultation, you will receive the necessary documents from us which will enable you to independently insure yourself against follow-up costs before your planned procedure.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether you want follow-up cost insurance and which  provider you will use.

What is insured with medassure beauty?

Complications that occurred during or after the insured operation are covered.

In the case of breast implants, the change of implants due to:

  • Capsular fibrosis (Baker Grade III & IV)
  • Slipping of the implants (dislocation/ bottoming out including the resulting asymmetries)
  • Implant rotations (including resulting asymmetries)
  • Infections

For tightening operations and liposuction

  • Punctures due to wound fluids (seromas)
  • Operative wound revisions due to wound healing disorders, infections, necroses

There is no time limit for inpatient stays (including private clinics) for treatment and/or operations. Complications due to an accident are also insured.

Are you interested in follow-up cost insurance?

Our team will be happy to provide you with further information on follow-up cost insurance.

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What is not covered by insurance?

What are the advantages and benefits of medassure beauty?

What does insurance with medassure beauty cost?

The premiums listed below apply to medassure beauty, subject to current changes by the insurance provider. If you combine several types of treatment, you will pay a flat rate of € 50 for all additional procedures from the second treatment onwards - regardless of whether two or three treatments are performed during the operation.


99 €



259 € in the 1st year

+139 € in the 2nd year

+89 € annually in the 3rd to 5th year inclusive



169 € in the 1st year

+49 € annually in the 2nd to 5th year inclusive

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