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Due to our reconstructive surgery, we help you to feel great again

Reconstructive surgery in Düsseldorf

While aesthetic surgery includes the improvement of the external appearance free of diseases, reconstructive surgery offers possibilities for the improvement of form and function in certain disease patterns, as well as the restoration of body parts and the treatment of malformations.

We have acquired a wealth of experience in reconstructive surgery through our many years of working as specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery in one of the country's major care clinics. We would be pleased to advise and assist you personally in these treatment areas:

Since we now only operate as a purely private practice, patients with statutory health insurance can only be treated on a self-payer basis. It is also possible to get approval of the treatment by the responsible statutory health insurance company following a corresponding application procedure with a written commitment to assume the treatment costs applied for.

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Deutsche Gesellschaft der Plastischen, Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen Chirurgen IPRAS European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Deutsche Gesellschaft für Senologie Interplast Germany Deutsche Gesellschaft der Plastischen, Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen Chirurgen Qualitätssiegel
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