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Our virtual 3D planning of your breast augmentation in Düsseldorf

Thanks to Crisalix it is now possible to show the expected change with a realistic simulation!

With the help of this modern 3D simulation system, we can extend our personal consultation and take the planning of your aesthetic-plastic treatment to a qualitatively new level. Within a few minutes we can illustrate the expected change with a three-dimensional simulation and discuss it with you. Now your breast enlargement can be planned even better. The Crisalix simulation detects volume differences or asymmetries and makes planning the optimal silicone implant (shape, size and position) even easier. We can also provide you the opportunity to have different options simulated. Of course, you will be given access to your data so you can take another look at the simulation at home. This way you can comfortably decide which implant would be best for you.

Would you like to get a realistic idea of your results even before your treatment?

In addition to breast augmentation, for example, the possible result of a breast lift or breast reduction can also be realistically displayed. The 3D simulation is a service provided as part of a personal consultation with the plastic surgery department at Medienhafen and is performed by the specialist personally.

Do you have any questions regarding your individual planning of the procedure?

We look forward to your call at +49 211 87630240 or an email directly to

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