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Dr. Till Scholz at the International Congress on Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery in Shanghai (24 and 25 September 2011)

Dr. Scholz was invited to Shanghai to give three presentations and chair one at the third international congress “Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery” and was honored as “best speaker”.

Dr. Scholz presented a combination method of lower eyelid lift, in which the lower eyelid is not only lifted, but firming and padding of the soft tissues of the cheeks is made possible. A great advantage of this method – best cosmetic results for the lower eyelid and cheek region with minimal risks.

In a series of lectures on breast surgery, Dr. Scholz spoke on the healing behavior of various surfaces of breast implants. He was able to show a direct correlation between the roughness of the implant surface with tissue adhesion and sarcoma formation (excessive fluid buildup in the tissue). This link plays an important role with respect to the permanent position of the implant.

In his third presentation, Dr. Scholz lectured on the surgical treatment for tubular breasts (tuberous breast deformity). The operation techniques presented allow even severe breast deformities to be corrected in one operation. This makes it possible to avoid having several expensive, potentially complicated operations.

Dr. Scholz chaired the lecture series on breast augmentations. In this series, internationally renowned plastic surgeons presented various accesses for breast augmentation. Dr. Scholz was given the “Best Speaker” award in special recognition of his excellent presentations.

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