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Liquid Facelift in Düsseldorf

A new era in minimally invasive, non-surgical facial rejuvenation

Information about the Liquid Facelift

Treatment duration: 30 - 60 Minutes
Anaesthesia: none
Hospital stay: outpatient
Downtime: none
Price: from 1000 €

In addition to taut skin, soft, round contours, high cheekbones, a clear jaw line, and full cheeks are the features of a fresh, youthful-looking face. The three-dimensional view of the face has recently led to a change in the concept of cosmetic facial surgery. Therapeutic concepts no longer concentrate only on tightening the skin, but in shaping the facial contours as well. We use the term liquid facelift for the suitable treatment method.

Adding volume without surgery

In a liquid facelift, volume is effectively added using an injected filling material. While this material is slowly, but completely broken down in a liquid facelift, the natural production of collagen is stimulated. One example of such a product is Radiesse®. It immediately adds visible volume where it previously was present, but was lost during the aging process. By gentle shaping, deeper wrinkles and saggy cheeks are filled in during a liquid facelift and the natural youthful contours are restored. The immediate effects of a liquid facelift are comparable with surgical measures.

Let us advise you on liquid facelift free of charge and at no obligation at our center.

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