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FAQ - the male breast

What should be considered before the operation?

You should be healthy and fit when you have surgery. Avoid alcohol and do not smoke before the operation. Do not take any anti-coagulants such as Aspirin® for ten days prior to surgery.

What are the risks of a breast correction for gynecomastia?

Breast corrections should be performed by a qualified specialist for plastic and cosmetic surgery. We inform you of the potential risks of an operation and of the consequences after breast correction in one of our individual consultations. Risks have been minimized by the continual improvement in surgical techniques.

Every operation has certain pre-conditions. Possible previous illnesses, your lifestyle, or your natural wound healing process can have an effect on the preparations or the course of the operation and follow-up. This is why we inform each patient individually. 

What is the operating process?

After one to one and a half hours, the operation under general anesthesia is finished. To remove excess fatty tissue, we use the very gentle method of water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL). 

What is important after the operation?

After the operation you will be fitted with a compression vest that must be worn day and night for six weeks. After about three months you we see the nice results.

You may take light painkillers to relieve the feeling of pressure in the first days after surgery. You can generally return to work after a few days if you feel fit enough and follow our recommendation not to attempt too much activity. You should avoid strenuous sports in the first three weeks. You should also avoid sports during the initial period after that as the breasts can be easily injured.

The incisions are closed with self-absorbent sutures so that no stitches need to be removed. The scars will be reddish at the start, but fade over time and are usually quite inconspicuous. You should avoid sun for six months after the operation so the scars stay pale and soft.

Can breast correction for gynecomastia be repeated?

In rare cases, gynecomastia can reoccur, e.g. if certain medication is taken. It is then usually no problem to repeat the operation. Regular checkups help to discover any complications promptly and treat them. If any problems arise, it can be decided on a case-to-case basis whether corrective measures are needed.

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