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FAQ - face lift and neck lift

What are the possibilities for a neck correction?

During a facelift operation, the special techniques described above can be used to tighten the skin on the neck and smooth the muscles below the chin.

In some cases, an additional short incision under the chin may be necessary, which is usually very inconspicuous after it heals. Especially for men who want to avoid scars along the ear line, this can be a good alternative method.

Let us give you non-binding advice on face and neck lifting for your particular situation at our center!

What is a mid-face lift?

In a mid-face lift, the focus is on shaping the lower eyelids and cheekbone region. When the previously full, taut upper cheek region loses its tone and volume, the typical aging effects of this region show ­– bags and circles under the eyes and hollow cheeks.

With a mid-face lift, we have a very effective method of restoring the youthful fullness and tone to the area under the eyes and around the cheekbones.

The mid-face lift is made using a very fine incision along the edge of the lower eyelid that is later barely visible.

What risks are involved in a facelift?

If you have your facelift done by a qualified plastic surgeon, complications are rare. As in every operation, there may be bruising and swelling which usually heal on their own. Rare postoperative bleeding with considerable swelling and pain must always be corrected by surgery. Infections in the operated area are very rare and can generally be quickly healed by the appropriate antibiotic treatment. Wound 
healing disorders are also very rare. Factors such as delayed wound healing in diabetics, smokers, and patients with blood coagulation disorders play a role here. Overall, facelifting is a very low-complication operation with a high degree of effectiveness and safety.

We can adapt to your individual requests and would be happy to advise you!

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