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Frequently asked questions on breast lifts and breast reduction

What methods are there?

In our consultation, we explain the possible operation methods and show you which of the techniques we recommend for your breast reduction. In addition to the removal of breast tissue, we often recommend a breast lift at the same time. The incision is made either only around the nipple, i-shaped, or upside down T-shaped.

What about follow-up?

Only a few days of hospitalization in the clinic are necessary after a breast reduction. We recommend that you wear a sports bra to support your breasts for 6 weeks. Your scars will remain soft if you massage them with ointment. To ensure that your breasts keep their shape and the incisions can heal well, you should not engage in sports or make any elaborate movements with your arms during the first weeks. But you may drive a car. 

How satisfied are patients after a breast reduction?

In our partner clinic, where your operation will be performed, we do around 150 breast reductions and breast lifts a year. Breast reduction is the only procedure that treats the cause of many problems. Between 93 and 98 percent of the women operated on say that their former complaints are improved or have completely disappeared. Experience shows that excess weight is normalized within a few months after a breast reduction, and 60 percent more patients than previously enjoy sports afterward. This is a clear indication of a positive attitude toward life.

Reducing the risk of cancer

Because glandular tissue is always removed in a breast reduction, the risk of cancer is also reduced by an average of 28 percent according to international experience and the latest studies.


Whether any impairment of the ability to nurse can be expected after a breast operation depends on your individual circumstances and the surgical technique used. We would be happy to give you information in a comprehensive consultation.

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