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FAQ about breast implants

What implants are generally used?

We use only implants with elastic (cohesive) silicone gel. These implants are very safe, as the material cannot leak out. The textured surface provides additional safety and prevents tissue damage. In our consultation, we show you various sizes and shapes of breast implants.

Is silicone harmful to me?

Silicone is not harmful to you. This has been and is still often alleged, but can be ruled out with modern silicone implants. The effect of silicone in the body has now been tested in over a million women. Silicone is thus one of the best-tested materials in medicine. No carcinogenic or rheumatic properties have been proven. And there is no scientific evidence of any damage to the immune system.

What risks are involved in a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation should be performed by a qualified specialist for plastic and cosmetic surgery. We inform you of the potential risks of an operation and of the consequences after breast augmentation in one of our individual consultations. 
Risks have been minimized by the continual improvement in surgical techniques and implant material.

Every operation is accompanied by certain conditions. Possible previous illnesses, your lifestyle, or natural wound healing process can have an effect on the preparations or the course of the operation and follow-up. This is why we inform each patient individually. 

Is breast function affected by an implant?

If you still want to have a child and want to nurse the baby, there is no need to worry. The ability to nurse is not affected by a breast augmentation with implants. Mammography for cancer screening is also possible and should be done regularly according to your gynecologist’s recommendations.

Does the implant need to be replaced?

With modern implants, routine replacement is not necessary. Modern breast implants are very stable and safe.

What should be considered before the operation?

You should be healthy and fit when you have surgery. Avoid alcohol and do not smoke before the operation. Do not take any anti-coagulants such as Aspirin® for 10 days prior to surgery.

How is the operation performed?

The consultation and information discussion in our center should outline the exact procedure of the operation. Usually a brief hospitalization is planned (one to two days). The breast augmentation is done under general anesthesia. The operation takes 60 to 90 minutes. The implant is inserted via a skin incision over or under the chest muscle. We show you where this incision will be made in an individual consultation.

What is the follow-up procedure?

After the surgery, a bra and chest band will be fitted that you should wear day and night for six weeks. They keep your new breast implants in place and in the right position. We recommend that you sleep on your back or side. 

In the first few days after the operation, tightness and a feeling similar to severe muscle aches are normal. Light painkillers can reduce the pressure. The incision made for the implants is closed with self-absorbent sutures so no stitches need to be removed. The scars are reddish at the start, but pale over time and are usually inconspicuous. You should avoid sun for six months after the operation so the scars stay pale and soft.

After the incision has healed, there are no physical restrictions. Sports, diving, flying, sauna, mammography, massages, etc. are all possible just as before the operation.

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