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Frequently asked questions about arm, leg, and buttocks lifts

What is done during the operation?

In the informational consultation in our practice the exact procedure will be described to you. Usually, a short hospitalization is planned (one to two days). In our preparatory meetings, we discuss the various types of anesthesia. The type that will be used for your procedure depends on the type and extent of procedure you have. Skin incisions are planned to be as inconspicuous as possible. How smooth and even your scars become depends on your individual wound healing.

What do I need to know after the procedure?

After a lifting operation, we recommend that you stay in our partner clinic for one to two days. You will feel some tightness in the area operated, which is perfectly normal. After the operation, you should wear a compression corset for about six weeks. Do not exert yourself too much after you are discharged to give the tissue a chance to heal. 

The incisions will be stitched with self-absorbent sutures so that no stitches need to be removed. The scars will be reddish at the start, but pale over time and are usually quite inconspicuous. Avoid sun for six months after the operation so the scars stay pale and soft. 

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