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Breast lifting in Düsseldorf – trust our know-how and experience

Weight changes, pregnancy, and age-related skin changes can cause saggy breasts. Breast lifting or breast reduction can give your breasts their attractive, firm shape back. At our center in Düsseldorf we offer you individual advice about the kind of breast lifting or reduction that is suitable for you.

We select the suitable method for you using modern shaping procedures. 

In breast lifting, the excess skin is removed and the breast is formed to a round, feminine shape. After your breast lifting at our partner clinic in Düsseldorf, the scars are inconspicuous thanks to a modern surgical method. Enjoy a natural-looking result! The kinds of incisions and measures that will be required for your breast lifting depend on your individual condition. We would be happy to inform you in a consultation at our center in Düsseldorf. 

Breast reduction can bring relief

Many women who come to us in Düsseldorf for a breast reduction suffer from physical pain such as bra straps that cut into their shoulders, neck and back pain, or inflammation in the skin fold under the breast. For these women, breast reduction and removal of excess glandular and fatty tissue is the only way of overcoming physical and mental problems. Breast reduction is just as much a priority here in Düsseldorf as a breast augmentation or breast lift. Your safety and your satisfaction with the result are important to us.

In our partner clinic in Düsseldorf Kaiserswerth we perform around 450 breast operations every year, approx. 150 of which are breast reductions and breast lifts.

We use shaping techniques (“inner bra”) that guarantee you a long-lasting, natural-looking result. The scars from a breast reduction or breast lift depend on your individual circumstances. In an extensive preliminary examination, we determine the best method of breast reduction or breast lifting for you. Our affiliation with a renowned clinic in Düsseldorf and the constant presence of two experienced surgeons during your breast reduction or breast lift guarantee you a high degree of safety.

Make an appointment for a thorough, individual consultation at our practice in Düsseldorf.

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